Isaac lost both his parents at a young age and was raised by his grandmother. She was herself living in poverty and too old and fragile to work. He finished his school education but his future prospects were grim and he was unable to find a job. Jinja paid the university fees for Isaac for 3 years so he could do a Bachelor degree in IT Engineering in Uganda. After volunteering for 6 months at a University in Kampala he has just started a full time job in the IT department.


Mzee is Isaac's cousin. His mother and him both fled from his dad as he was violent. The father infected his mother with HIV. He died a few years ago. After that Mzee and his mother were living in poverty and He was desperate to get a decent job so he could pay for his mothers anti retrovirus drugs and their rent and food. Jinja paid for Mzee to do a Bachelors degree in IT Engineering with Isaac. After he graduated Mzee struggled to find a job for a long time. He eventually secured work in Dubai and is now living there and sending money back to his mother.


Caroline never completed her education, she lived with her sister in a township near Kampala. She was a young deaf teenager with almost no prospects of finding a job in Uganda. She had a passion for sewing and Jinja paid for her to do 2 year tailoring course. I was hoping when she finished the course that she could make clothes for Jinja to earn a living. She was really enjoying it, but sadly just as she was taking the final exam she was taken ill suddenly and died on the way to hospital. We think she had Sickle Cell Anaemia as her eldest sister had died of it at a similar age..

In memory of Caroline. A photo of her at the college for deaf people in Uganda.


Jinja is currently paying for Agnes to do a diploma in Hairdressing. She is Caroline's older sister and like her she didn't finish her school education, She has been living with her uncles and because she is female she ha been expected to do all the cooking and cleaning for them. She wanted to do a course that will enable her to work so she choose hairdressing.

All names have been changed to protect their online identities.